How smart notifications work?

Messengers for communication are constantly being updated. Creators periodically add new functions to them for the convenience of the user. Of course, new features will only be available if you update the application on your smartphone in a timely manner.The so-called smart notifications appeared in most cases not so long ago so if you did not find such a function, then you did not update the app for a long time.The smart notifications feature allows you to combine notifications. Suppose a user wrote three messages in a row and you will receive only one notification. It is not necessary to use this function in group chats. It can be included in the correspondence with one user.

What is this function for?

As you probably know, there are so-called group chats, in which a huge number of users can simultaneously communicate. As soon as a user sends a message, you receive a notification about it. At the same time, you will receive a notification of each user message they wrote three messages, you received three notifications. And now imagine that there are a hundred people in the chat and everyone writes something? There will be a lot of notifications.

Notification function

With the notification function, you can receive notifications of incoming calls, messages and notifications from applications to the Polar device. You will receive the same notifications to your Polar as to the phone. Please note that you will not receive any notifications during training.

  • Make sure that your phone is running Android version 5.0 or higher.
  • Make sure that the latest version of the program is installed
  • To use the notification function, you need an application for mobile devices Polar Flow for Android
  • The device must be paired with this application
  • To work with the notification function, the Polar Flow application must be running on the phone
  • Please note that if the notification function is turned on, the battery on the Polar device and on the mobile phone will sit down faster due to the permanently active Bluetooth connection.

Your Polar device must be paired with the Flow application to receive notifications and notifications. In addition, the correct settings must be made on your Polar device and on the phone.

Conclusion: updating is must

After updating the program on the Polar device, reconnect it with the Flow application to display the settings for the notification function. If you do not pair again the setting will not be displayed. By default, notifications are turned off. They can be turned on / off on the in the Polar Flow application. To receive notifications from the phone, you must first enable the notification function on the mobile applications from which you want to receive them. This can be done either in the settings of the mobile applicationor in the notification settings.

Why Hire 3D Art Studio for Interior Visualization – 5 Reasons

Do you want to renovate a flat? Read this article in order to know how to get the best project of your future interior by hiring a 3d art studio’s services.

Why Hire 3D Art Studio for Interior Visualization – 5 Reasons

When one wants to change the flat or the whole house, it’ll be hard to get a perfect result without cooperating with an interior designer. But today we won’t speak about the importance of designer’s work, instead of that, we’ll tell you how to optimize the processes with the help of 3d art studios. So, why to hire such a company?

Reason №1 – get the whole idea of the room in advance

The main advantage of 3d modeling services is that it’s easy to predict the result – the prototype already looks like reality. It happens because the objects on the plan are similar to the real ones, they’re volumetric.

  • You know how different pieces of furniture combine with each other, and 3d art studios help to look at them from different angles;
  • It’s not a surprise how the objects look like with different light and shadows;
  • You see the whole picture: wallpaper, floors, curtains and details are in the project.

Reason №2 – don’t be afraid to make corrections

If you aren’t satisfied with the result, 3d art studio will make all the necessary changes. Just because one little detail doesn’t require to change the whole project. It easily implements into the whole idea. This advantage simplifies the lives of both – clients’ and modelers’.

Reason №3 – it’s faster

It’s not a secret that modern software has a purpose to make all processes faster. That’s why 3d art outsourcing copes with your project earlier. It means that you have much more time for analyzing the budget, finding the right details and concentrating on the realization of your ideas.

Reason №4 – the project is universal

It means that 3d objects can be adjusted for different stages of renovation. Builders, designers and decorators will get the idea of what they should do by looking at the same project.

Reason №5 – get more services at once

If you want to change the inner and the outlook of your house, there’s no need for hiring different specialists. For example, 3dreach, an outsourced company, works with both exteriors and exteriors. It means that you can confide the whole project to a group of professionals and be sure that everything will look balanced.


Before applying for one or another company, make sure they’ve ever done a similar project. Visit their 3d modeling artist portfolio and look through the finished projects. If you like the result – go for it!

Picking an Internet Service Provider

Either through your wireless link or by reconnecting the cord between the COMPUTER and the wireless router, navigate back to the cordless router’s default arrangement page and discover setups area. When you or your household are trying to attach a PC to the wireless router in the future, this name will ensure they attempt to link to the right wireless network instead of a neighbours network.

Set up a distinct passphrase that you can remember and the cordless router will use this pass expression to generate a safe and secure network trick that is utilized to validate gadgets and to secure data passing over the cordless network. You will currently require to reconnect your wireless-enabled COMPUTER to the cordless network and you will be asked for the exact same passphrase when your COMPUTER attempts to attach to the wireless connection with the SSID you set up previously. If indisputable have actually been made then you should now be able to connect to the Internet from the wireless made it possible for COMPUTER. Any type of other Computers that need wireless gain access to simply require to be set up with the appropriate SSID and pass expression and connection need to be quick and effective.

Beginning on the Internet

You have actually grasped windows, got to grips with video games and place paid to your word processing program troubles. Access admin The following difficulty is the internet. It’s one giant jump for mankind, one small step for you.

How does it Work? The internet is a large world large collection of computers, attached to each other in a big network. Any kind of sort of computer can be linked to the network, as long as it talks the global internet language, TCP/IP. Utilizing a house computer system like an Apple Mac or a COMPUTER, you can become a short-term part of this network by signing up with an internet service carrier (ISP). In return for a monthly or annual cost, the ISP enables you to use a modem attached to your computer system to dial up and link to its computers, which in turn attach you to the internet.

Discovering the Best Marketing CRM Options Now

Any company that sells goods or services gradually accumulates a large customer base. And it is very important to work effectively with this list divide it into groups and create personalized offers.Now with the help of CRM marketing you can interact with customers at a new level.

Send letters to potential buyers call recent customers; congratulate the anniversary with a special discount. And that’s not it. You can select the necessary contacts and show them ads on all major sites Google, Yandi and Facebook.

What is CRM marketing for?

Here is a whole sea of ​​possibilities. Here are just some of them:

  • Increase conversion send letters and offer advertising to those who have never bought from you.
  • Re-sales select contacts that have not made purchases for more than a month, and send them a special offer.
  • Increase loyalty send a birthday SMS with a congratulation and offer a personal discount
  • Personal approach do you have a client visit? Send him a voice message with a reminder and tell him how it is easier to reach you.

How it works?

It all starts with the creation of a group of contacts on a certain basis. For example, all leads in work or contacts with the purchase this month.

Next, select the communication channel with which you will work with the letter, sums, call or advertisement.

Define a template for mailing or create a new one, set up parameters and check the result with a preview. Now you can learn here the best detailing for you and that is the reason you can be sure that you will be having proper options right here now. You will be able to have a perfect option here now.

That’s all, you’re ready to start the newsletter

  • Detailed statistics is available for each mailing listcheck how many messages were read, what time customers opened the letters and what links they took.
  • Use CRM-marketing tools, find an individual approach to each client and achieve success.

Recently, personalization of promotional offers began to develop in a new direction due to the advent of a new tool real-time marketing. Real-time marketing is an opportunity to immediately determine the most relevant and optimal approach for a particular consumer in specified conditions. This tool selects the offer that is most suitable for your consumer, which is different from the advertising approach, where the audience is already selected for the offer.

Why do I need automation of personal communications?

In fact, automated communications are a direct replacement for sales managers for companies with a very wide client network. There may be too many consumers to maintain personal relations with them through sales managers, which will be impossible to achieve, which will sooner or later affect sales.

Exceptional Opportunities for the Perfect Cloud Solutions Now

We have already talked about the importance of data backup in the ultra-connected digital world in which we live. Indeed, most of us now have many digital data (working documents, personal documents such as photos or videos, music, administrative documents etc.) that it is vital for you to keep. A loss of data is often a disaster, both personally and professionally, which generates stress and anxiety.

It is therefore better to put all the odds on his side and plan ahead a backup strategy (Windows 10 backup, backup of personal data, planning and backup media) that will save you a lot of trouble. Because data recovery is not always easy, even if reliable tools are available nowadays, and a backup of your data will facilitate the task in case of problems. A good way to proceed? Save your data in the cloud using popular service cloud storage that are Drop box, Microsoft one drive and Google Drive.The best in cloud solutions will offer you the best deal now.

What is cloud backup?

Cloud in English means cloud, the exact term of the process is cloud computing. Simply put, backing up in the cloud means backing up your data on the storage of a remote server (so not on your own computer or external hard drive / USB drive) via a network (LAN or internet more often). Your data can be accessible (privately or publicly depending on your settings) at any time from the internet.

The most popular storage services in the clouds are Drop box, Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive or Apple cloud or Amazon S3. Most offer free for their basic version of several GB of data storage. If you want to be able to store more data, you will have to pay a few euros per month to have more storage space. Note that many ISPs (Internet Access Providers) such as Orange, Bouygues or SFR also include in their Internet offers a free storage space in the cloud.

Benefits of Online Backup in the Cloud

  • Your data is not stored at home and will therefore be accessible even in case of loss / theft / failure of your computer or storage media (external hard drive, USB key etc.).
  • You can access your data from anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection). The other side of the coin is the security of your data, especially in case of hacking of the service or your account. So remember to use a strong password to better protect your data.
  • You can share, if you wish, files stored in the cloud.

These services have their own backup system (basically, your data is copied to many different hard disks to avoid any problem of loss in case of malfunction or failure of their hardware).

The Essential Details for the Perfect Internet Marketing Now

The digital landscape is constantly changing and thus, which content needs to be created and on which marketing channels they have to be positioned. On which marketing strategies you should also keep an eye on in 2018, we have summarized for you in our latest blog article.

  1. Create Better Content with Personalization

Content is and will remain the most important topic in digital marketing. Nevertheless, the focus should increasingly be on the personalization of the displayed content. That means bringing the right message to the right user at the right time. For this, it must first be determined who belongs to the users of the website and which potential users should still be addressed. This assessment helps to analyze the website (for example, Google Analytics) and the demographic data of the users. In addition, content should be offered that takes into account the country of origin and the language of the users in order to be able to present offers that meet the needs. Geo-targeting systems such as Book assist’s Smart Content Management System are helpful for such optimization.

  1. Result-Oriented Social Media Campaigns and Return on Investment

The effectiveness of social media campaigns is usually not clear in sales and increased bookings read. A monetary goal of social media strategies is usually less sensible than focusing on the awareness and the perception of the brand as a goal: so-called social engagement metrics (Vanity Metrics) are the “real currency” of social media campaigns; they include the number of times the post was shared, brand / company mentions, posted comments, and coverage. Social media contributions may not directly increase the company’s sales, but increase brand awareness. For the right Internet Marketing you will need the perfect deal now.

  1. Use Dark Social

Dark Social means that content is shared through private channels such as instant messengers, apps or email, and it’s no longer easy to track that content on public platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, companies cannot understand how high the share of social media content actually shared is. Website operators can counteract this by optimizing their pages and making Dark Social measurable: direct sharing buttons for What Sapp, Twitter and other channels make clicks countable and traffic can be displayed.

  1. Optimization of Voice Search

Digital language assistants and voice search are becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to the mostly short search queries on the computer, voice searches are often detailed “dialogues” with the smartphone. This is how long tail keywords are gaining in importance through voice search. The website content should therefore not be based solely on the popular keywords. Since these are dialogue-like searches, W-questions (where, how, when, who, why) should also be included in the content. In addition, an optimization strategy should always include local SEO aspects; for example, local link building and regional content.

Where to download movies to watch on Android?

Many torrent trackers have a special video section adapted for display of mobile devices this also applies to the Android OS. However, no one forbids you to download full-fledged movies with a standard resolution (720p \ 1080p) designed for the most popular form factor of desktop displays or consumer home cinema screens. Downloading movies to an Android phone is recommended in an adapted section. Some programs for Android like Movie box android like provide an opportunity to watch movies online. Thus, directly through the application on a tablet or communicator you can search for movies without using torrent trackers and Internet sites.

How to watch movies online on Android?

Do you want to bother with searching and downloading any movie on file hosting services or torrent trackers and uploading videos to your device’s internal memory / micro SD memory card for further viewing through the player? You can immediately use themed applications for Android. In order to choose an application for watching movies online you can use latest Movie box IPA for your apple Mac PC of online cinema applications. Watching movies online is the modern world of entertainment. Save long ways to the video library and the annoyance of already rented DVDs. The movies are always available for streaming or downloading. Your online video library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Watching movies is really fun now.

It is of good need

Who does not know that? On televisiononly programs that you already know are playing. Or the current television program is not the own ideas of an interesting feature film evening. Just when you have time there are no good movies on TV. That sounds familiar? Do not despair because there is a good alternative to TV. Watch movies online. Various Internet portals invite you to watch your favorite movies at any time directly on the PC or on your own TV. Often, just a few clicks are enough to see your chosen favorite movie. The time of day does not matter. All films are playable around the clock without much effort.

Conclusion: The modern selection

The selection on the Internet is huge. Each genre is represents several thousand feature films are available. Series, children’s programs and documentaries are also available online at any time. Which video on demand portal one chooses also does not matter. The procedure is the same for everyone. First you have to register, enter your account or credit card information and you can choose among a variety of films, series and other videos. You cannot do a movie night or a movie afternoon more comfortably. Video on Demand has become a real alternative to television and the opportunity to watch the films you want directly at home.

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